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As an OVMA member, you’ll have unlimited access to job and business support throughout your career. Whether you're a veterinary school student or an established practice owner, your association is here for you. 

Student, associate, locum and practice manager members will receive access to: 
  • Career consultations
  • Purchasing a practice guidance
  • Job search support
  • Free classified ad postings
OVMA member practice owners have access to additional benefits, including: 
  • Annual practice consultation and report
  • Human resources consultations and tools
  • Client satisfaction resources
  • Discounts on classified ads
  • Monthly practice dashboard report and alerts
  • Discounts on accounting services
  • Health and safety resources
  • Discount on OVMA’s budgeting service
Your membership also includes these additional career and practice benefits: 
  • Group RRSP Program
  • Registration discounts for OVMA’s annual conference
  • Member Assistance Program
  • Free and/or discounted continuing education opportunities
  • OVMA Insurance Program
  • Countless other resources and benefits!


We publish several annual surveys to help capture the economic state of the veterinary profession. Using the data collected from each survey, we produce reports that members can review for insight on wages, benefits, pet owner perceptions and more.  


By becoming an OVMA member, you’ll receive exclusive access to: 

  • Practice Diagnostic Report 

  • Ontario Pet Owners Report 

  • Non-DVM Wage Report 

  • Report on Veterinarians in Government, Industry and Academe 

  • Ontario Locum Report 

  • Ontario Report on Compensation and Benefits for Associate Veterinarians 

  • Ontario Report on New Graduates 


By analyzing and comparing data collected from the Practice Diagnostic Report and the Ontario Pet Owners Report, in addition to cost of living, veterinary and clinic staff wages, and other economic considerations, OVMA produces annual suggested fee guides for small and large animal veterinary practices. 


Our suggested fee guides are integral tools to help members set appropriate fees for the services offered through their clinics. All fees reflected in the guides are backed by tangible data collected from Ontario practices, veterinarians, veterinary staff, pet owners and the pet industry. 


The suggested fee guides are produced by OVMA staffand they are reviewed and approved by the association’s economic committee, which consists of practicing Ontario veterinarians. 


To access the reports, surveys, suggested fee guides and many more resources, members can visit their Member Portal.