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As a key partner at the provincial level, we work to analyze emerging issues and proposed regulatory developments to ensure any change is contributing to the betterment of the profession, and for the clients and pets they serve, while advancing animal and human health in Ontario.  


Acting as the collective voice of its members, we regularly provide feedback to government, ministries, the College of Veterinarians of Ontario and external groups about current issues affecting veterinarians in the province.   

Pet Owners

For questions or concerns about the delivery of veterinary medicine in the province, contact the profession’s regulatory body, the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

Veterinarians face numerous challenges daily. Between providing the best patient care, improving relationships with clients and managing the ins-and-outs of a running practice, it can be difficult to remember specific details about regulations and policies surrounding veterinary medicine in Ontario.  


To support members, we provide information about a variety of topics affecting the veterinary profession, including health and safety, practice standards and provincial legislation.